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BLUE LEMON - producing naturally, fair and sustainable.

BLUE LEMON is an independent, family-owned Swiss business founded in Lucerne in 1997. We create, produce and market the exclusive BLUE LEMON collection single-handedly.

Only premium fabrics from renowned manufacturers from Italy and Switzerland are used to produce our garments. Fashioning, design, comfort and function of our products are of the highest standard of quality. Not the costs but our customer‘s expectations regarding quality is what determines our workmanship. At BLUE LEMON we strive to offer the owner of our underwear the greatest possible comfort.

You can find BLUE LEMON in our independent stores in Zurich, Lucerne, Basel, Geneva, and Davos as well as in selected lingerie shops and department stores in Switzerland and Germany.

We make underwear that we love.

The clear-cut style of our designs are confident and decorated with small details. All details are plain and delicate. BLUE LEMON‘s products are wonderfully soft - underwear which you‘ll love to wear on any occasion: in your day-to-day life, during a night out or as yoga and pilates clothing.

So light and supple, you barely feel it. Pleasant on the skin, environmentally sustainable and manufactured under fair conditions in Italy.